Property management accounting

Accountants for landlords and property management

If you’re starting in property management with your first flat or have an existing portfolio, there are a lot of things to keep track of with regard to property management accounting.

Managing your costs and keeping up with the constantly changing regulations set out by the Government is no small task, especially when you want to focus on making your investment as profitable as possible.

That’s why the team at Smith Butler specialises in accounting for property managers in the Bradford area. 

We take over your business’s financial aspects and ensure everything is well taken care of.

We will ensure your books are balanced, as well as help you save on costs and increase your profits.

We work with property managers with a range of portfolios, whether it’s just a couple of properties or larger-scale operations.

Our specialist property management accounting services

We offer a wide range of services for our clients, starting from essential tax planning and project accounting for property development.

If you’re an unincorporated landlord, you’ll need to be aware of the changes coming with the introduction of Making Tax Digital for income tax (MTD for ITSA), which will see the end of self-assessment tax returns and move over to a completely digital format.

We can help you look into registering for the pilot and afterwards continue supporting you through the transitional period once the official rollout happens in April 2024.

Other services include: 

As well as accountancy advice, we can also offer guidance on landlord regulations and tenancy laws.

How we help landlords

Landlords with smaller portfolios can significantly benefit from making use of a specialist accountant for property managers. 

Whether you want to stay unincorporated or look into the potential of registering with Companies House, we can advise you on the most beneficial route to take, considering the tax obligations and your liability.

If you want to expand, we can assist with creating a suitable business plan with projections and forecasting, allowing us to identify possible sources of investment and revenue to bolster your capital.

Our property management accounting specialists will set out a top-line business strategy, evaluating your competitors and your market. We will evaluate your systems and help implement the best framework for your business, putting everything in place, so you have sustainable growth and development.

Let’s work together

The property management accounting team at Smith Butler is here to help you and your business thrive. Together, we will ensure you meet your business goals and turn a healthy profit while staying in the good graces of HMRC.

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“I think Smith Butler are a brilliant company. I’ve been a client for several years and it means such a lot to not have to worry about the accountancy side of my business. Sally is such a lovely person and makes the whole process easy and enjoyable. I consider myself lucky to have found them.

Lucy Cooke


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