We’re delighted to announce that we have taken on three new apprentices, Jack Partington, Tonisha Burdett and Ryan Lad. Jack, Tonisha and Ryan have joined us as Trainee Accountant Apprentices through the Kaplan Apprentice Scheme. With a wide range of clients, we are able to offer apprentices experience in the field of general accountancy, business development and specialist tax services.

The Kaplan Apprentice Scheme offers school leavers hands on experience, and a potentially faster route to becoming a fully qualified accountant. With a weekly wage and on the job training, you’ll get a work based accredited qualification in less time than your friends who have chosen to go to university. Plus you’ll avoid those costly tuition fees and get 32 days paid holiday.

Going straight into work from a school environment can be overwhelming, but as your employer we will be prepared to support you – making sure that you get the training you need and the necessary skills to perform well in the workplace. If you feel you need extra support or advice, we are more than be happy to help, but we also have a Kaplan Apprenticeship Coordinator to talk you through any problems if they arise.

At the end of the scheme, you’ll have a nationally recognised qualification and real – life work experience, both of which we as employers will find valuable.

If you’re interested in an apprentice scheme you can find out more about Kaplan Apprenticeships over on their website http://kaplanapprenticeships.co.uk/. As for us, we’re really looking forward to sharing our experience and opening up our client base to our new apprentices. Jack, Tonisha and Ryan – welcome to the team.