Why choose Smith Butler

Our reputation speaks for itself, so you can rest assured that you’re making the right choice by selecting us. 

We understand what our clients are looking for and deliver what you need. We meet with all our clients either virtually, or in person and we listen to you, and get to know your individual business. We secure strong relationships with our clients and take care of all tax and business requirements year after year.

It’s easy to switch to us

So, you already have an accountant you’ve been using for years.  It may seem like a hassle to switch, but if you’re already reading our website that probably means you’re already looking to change. The best thing is, to switch involves just one letter sent from you, and your current accountant is not permitted to charge for providing handover information.

Our fees reflect our service

We offer fixed fees that reflect the value of our service.  Today, with so much choice it’s important to remember you really do get what you pay for.  Cheaper fees usually mean a lesser or poorer service.

Don’t put It off until next year

If you’ve just had your accounts done, don’t leave the decision to move until next year.  Be strategic in your tax planning in advance, so it’s not a last-minute decision, or a panic move but a well planned out process that’s beneficial to your business.  The earlier in the tax year you schedule and plan the better.

The benefits of switching

As with most services, the benefits to your business for switching accountants will far outweigh any minor inconvenience of changing.  Switching accountants is quicker and easier than changing banks, we can help ensure a seamless transition over to us from your current accountants.

We deliver our promises

We want to share proven methods for building a successful business with you. Your growth proves we’ve succeeded too.  It’s a win-win solution.  We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee for the service we offer.  We deliver on what we promise, and we share feedback from our clients to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to offering an outstanding service, so it speaks for itself and why we have so many long-standing clients who use our services year after year.


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