Choosing your accountant

We can help simplify selecting an accountant and avoid a costly mistake by signing up with the wrong type of accountant. We’ve listed below the key factors to consider before deciding.  We understand how different each accountancy practice can be. 

We keep you informed about legislation whilst saving you money and not charging you the earth to do it.  We offer a free report outlining what to consider when selecting an accountant.  Simply click below to register and you’ll receive your free copy.  The report is essential to ensure you’re fully informed of what’s involved and reading it thoroughly will help you understand:

  • How to change accountants quickly and easily
  • The potential mistakes that can be made when choosing an accountant and avoiding those mistakes
  • Reading between the lines when faced with glossy brochures
  • How to shortlist a selection of potentially suitable accountants
  • The typical problems with some accountants and how you can recognise them
  • What to expect from a meeting with an accountant, and how to prepare for that meeting before allowing them access to your financials
  • Several ways to keep your accountancy fees low
  • What qualifications accountants should have
  • How to identify if a potential accountant will work hard with your best business interests in mind
  • How accountants set their fees and the importance of obtaining a fixed fee quote

To receive a copy of this special free report, you simply need to register HERE